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What I was doing while I was not writing blog entries or emails (apologies!)


Three weeks have passed to fast – and when I looked back I suddenly realised, why I haven’t posted anything for some time. And it was not just the record-breaking summer weather or my root canal treatment that kept me from it! This is what I have been doing: I…

  • … translated the theatre play “The Breathing Wall” by Yannick Reimers, a play attempting to raise awarness of discrimination and make a stand against marginalisation and violence. The author and his partner, an accordionist, perform at schools and memorial sites, wishing to do something against neo-Nazism and set a sign against discrimination. Here are their official pages (link to the German page and link to the English page).
  • … helped to revamp a mentoring scheme for women in publishing. It is a programme for professional publishers, agents, translators, and other female agents in the literary field who are just about to take their next step in their careers. Exciting! Here’s the link to the programme and the application requirements (link).

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Leipzig Book Fair 2015



Off to the sea for a couple of days!

But before I leave, I wanted to draw your attention to Maria Popova’s lovely blog and newsletter “Brainpickings” and two of her recent posts on children’s books:

„The Velveteen Rabbit, Reimagined with Uncommon Tenderness by Beloved Japanese Illustrator Komako Sakai“ (link) (not just for Friends friends) and
„The Best LGBT Children’s Books: A Sweet and Assuring Celebration of Diversity and Difference“ (link)

TTFN, Sandra