What I was doing while I was not writing blog entries or emails (apologies!)


Three weeks have passed to fast – and when I looked back I suddenly realised, why I haven’t posted anything for some time. And it was not just the record-breaking summer weather or my root canal treatment that kept me from it! This is what I have been doing: I…

  • … translated the theatre play “The Breathing Wall” by Yannick Reimers, a play attempting to raise awarness of discrimination and make a stand against marginalisation and violence. The author and his partner, an accordionist, perform at schools and memorial sites, wishing to do something against neo-Nazism and set a sign against discrimination. Here are their official pages (link to the German page and link to the English page).
  • … helped to revamp a mentoring scheme for women in publishing. It is a programme for professional publishers, agents, translators, and other female agents in the literary field who are just about to take their next step in their careers. Exciting! Here’s the link to the programme and the application requirements (link).

  • … applied for the job of my dreams in London. It’s a teaching position at the Centre for Publishing at UCL. I could combine two things I dearly love: teaching and working on the literary field. The Centre sounds amazing: they offer exciting courses, they cooperate with many experts in publishing, they teach international students from a variety of academic backgrounds (just what I loved about my job at the GBZ, too), they have a lot of hands on elements in their classes and projects (!) – and I think we’d be a great match. Fingers crossed, please!
  • … travelled to Prag, Krems and Vienna with my partner. It was wonderful, although I have to say that I also envied the people who went to the exciting conferences in Florence and Montréal… On what felt like the hottest day of the year, we went on a bike trip with a friend of ours along the Danube and had lovely Austrian food and wine at a “Heuriger”, an inn, in which the wine-growers sell their own wine and hearty nibbles. This really changed my opinion about Austrian wine (for the better). We’ll definitely be back – not just for the wine, though.

Prag in the sunshineAustrian vineyards  Austrian duckies - btw: there are no kangagroos in Austriasnapshot in Vienna

  • … worked as the official photographer at the Humboldt University “Kinderfest”, an open air festival organised to raise awareness for family-friendly measures at our university – and show the next generation how exciting research can be. I’m happy to say that quite a few of my photos were also printed in the university’s very own newspaper!

  • … was visited by my dear friend Lisa, who decided to leave Germany some time ago to join the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust in Stratford-upon-Avon. This time she was back to do a tour through Germany to promote the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust and give talks, e.g. on heritage culture in the UK. Those Shakespeare people are truly lucky to have found such an enthusiastic and knowledgeable teacher and project manager – we truly miss her over here.
  • … went to my ‘official’ graduation party. Well, I already got my PhD, the certificate and everything a lot earlier, but once a year ‘my’ faculty at the university honours all students who graduated with bachelor and masters degrees – and PhDs. While there were well over 100 of the former, we were only three successful PhD graduates. Made it sound even more special. Needless to say that this needed to be celebrated in a fabulous little bar in Mitte…

Hans im Glück (&Sandra)

Right, I’ll come to an end here and won’t bore you with any more details, but I’m happy to inform you that I have two great new web projects in the pipeline – one with a current and one with a former colleague of mine who both share my interest in (and knowledge of) the literary fields in the UK, Germany, and France. I’ll keep you posted. And to quote Pierre Girard: “Restez curieux.”

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